iHello, my name is Jillian and i own a wrangler. It was the best investment i've ever made. I have so many plans for it in the future but for now, i have my jeep siting on 35's with a three inch lift with a notch back soft top from best top. If you want to see what my jeep looks like, you could find me on instagram (Jillianderiso95)!

Eric Snitofsky 

Vic (AKA @mean_crx_del_sol)

Jake (AKA @Car_guy981)

​Jayden Moffitt AKA (@2.0genny)

 ​Hey Guys name is Jake. I drive a 2013 Toyota Camry. Right now I only have an intake and exhaust but there are many plans for this beauty.

 Soon to with love and hard work will be a 2JZ, Manual conversion and rear wheel drive conversion.

 If you would like to follow the project as it goes along Follow me on instagram at @car_guy981.

SJonathan AKA (@SL2KING)

1993 Saturn SL2 Has been fully modified from bumper to bumper. The mod list is 3 pages long so I'll keep it short let's just say this 643hp animal of a machine is crazy fast. It won 2 trophies in it's first official weekend of car shows