iHello, my name is Jillian and i own a wrangler. It was the best investment i've ever made. I have so many plans for it in the future but for now, i have my jeep siting on 35's with a three inch lift with a notch back soft top from best top. If you want to see what my jeep looks like, you could find me on instagram (Jillianderiso95)!

Eric Snitofsky 

Vic (AKA @mean_crx_del_sol)

Jake (AKA @Car_guy981)

​Jayden Moffitt AKA (@2.0genny)

 ​Hey Guys name is Jake. I drive a 2013 Toyota Camry. Right now I only have an intake and exhaust but there are many plans for this beauty.

 Soon to with love and hard work will be a 2JZ, Manual conversion and rear wheel drive conversion.

 If you would like to follow the project as it goes along Follow me on instagram at @car_guy981.


SJonathan AKA (@SL2KING)

1993 Saturn SL2 Has been fully modified from bumper to bumper. The mod list is 3 pages long so I'll keep it short let's just say this 643hp animal of a machine is crazy fast. It won 2 trophies in it's first official weekend of car shows

Cristina AKA @_crispycrispy_

 So this is the list. Short ram K&N intake, Tanabe Muffler, Megan racing strut​​ Bar Tower brace , BC coilover's, U bar styled headlight's with 2 sets of HID'S one Blue one White 8k, Xexon fog lights white 5k, Fiber glass eyelids, Roof Spoiler, 07 Subaru STI front LIP, 2j racing pully soon to be installed and Plans for New Wheels and Air Bags and of course Avery COLOR SHIFT VINYL WRAP. A few LED'S here and there, Rain guard's and Light up Rear Reflectors and color matched super tone horns.